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Anihilate Anxiety using Reflexology for Stress Relief

Anihilate Anxiety using Reflexology for Stress Relief

Being stressed is unfortunately quite a common occurrence these days. Everything from parents and friends’ expectations, relationship woes, pressure from school or work, having children or simply the fact that we’re always connected and simply never get enough real ��off time’ can cause you to feel drained, irritable and just ready to blow and take all the surrounding bystanders, even the innocent ones, in your wave of rage or anxiety.

And since this can be so frequent, it is necessary to be equipped to deal with the episodes properly on a regular basis. Medication will certainly work for some cases, but if this is a common occurrence, you certainly don’t want to be dependent on chemicals or even a therapist which you can’t see on a regular basis. You’d be then better off adopting a more natural approach to dealing with your stressful episodes, by using alternative relaxation techniques, which you can use a specialist for or learn yourself. One of those techniques is reflexology.


Reflexology basics

Ever heard of how using pressure in certain areas of your feet can help diagnose and treat certain localized pains? Reflexology builds on that notion and goes beyond that, using both hands and feet to help you alleviate your physical and mental health problems through relaxation.

The premise behind this is actually quite simple: certain areas of the hands and feet, or zones, reflect your body’s anatomy – hence the name – thus by stimulating them with fingers, thumbs and hand movement, this will create an effect on the body, without the necessary use of any oils, lotions, and possibly most importantly for some, needles. Reflexology can also include the ears, with some of these particular exercises specifically targeting stress.


Reflexology for stress relief

It doesn’t take a genius to know massages and relaxation techniques are one of the best and most obvious ways to relieve stress and anxiety. However, a general back massage will help you relax, at least for that time, and possibly ease your body, but it does not specifically target stress or anxiety.

Reflexology, on the other hand, is a much more targeted kind of stimulation, which will allow you to hit the proverbial nail of stress or anxiety right on the head, and this should prove to be much more effective.


How it works

There are several ways in which reflexology can help you relieve stress:

  • By loosening the tension in your body – much like a regular massage, reflexology can target certain areas of your feet to loosen your limbs, chest, back and neck tension. The targeted areas to relieve these are the outer edges, balls of your feet, and the area between your smaller toes, respectively.
  • By helping you sleep – Proper rest can help you have a clearer mind, and possibly alleviate some your stress, or at least the prominent symptoms. To avoid insomnia, you want to target the same areas as those you used to relieve tension, combining the various tension releasing techniques to relax your body into slumber.
  • By relieving blood pressure and anxiety – using reflexology to prevent symptoms of high blood pressure and anxiety has proven effective, and it will help you achieve a much better and healthier condition, which is the first step towards stress relief.
  • By targeting fear – Professionals target the balls of the feet to relieve stress, as they believe this is the area that controls feelings of fear and anger. Also, a big indicator of stress in reflexology is a pea-shaped area just below the balls of the feet, near the big toe, which will be big and painful to stimulate if you suffer from high stress levels.


Ear reflexology

It may sound strange, but something as simple as rubbing your ears can help you greatly in relieving stress and sleeping soundly. But just like the feet, your ears have areas which reflect different parts of the body, and so stimulating them will be very effective.

Try rubbing both of your ears completely, while sitting straight in a quiet area, making sure not to leave any areas untouched, even the back, two times a day, specifically before bed, to help you relax and sleep. Adding in some breathing exercises will make this even more effective, as it improves relaxation.

All in all, using reflexology for stress relief is fairly simple and effective, and so a great alternative to chemicals or other methods, which you can even, perform at home after some practice. To start you up, you can begin by visiting a specialist which will access you and treat you, to give you an idea of how it works for you, and then go from there.

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