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Atlas FAQ

Atlas FAQ

Who will benefit from the AtlasPROfilax® treatment?

The AtlasPROfilax® treatment is definitely for everyone, from babies to the seniors. See more about treatment of children here The youngest one I have corrected was 5 weeks aged and the eldest one was 95 years old. The spine of seniors individuals may certainly not be flattened perfectly, but tensions and aches could end up being greatly decreased, their balance may improve and they shall have got a very much better high quality of daily life.

Anyone with complications with the backbone, neck of the guitar and joint parts are suggested to have got this therapy highly. However , I would recommend it to everyone for the purpose of prevention (We believe 95 % of humans beings have the Atlas out of alignment).

How do the Atlas obtain out of allignment for some human beings?

Delivery can end up being quite distressing for children (forceps, caesarean, extended work, suction), occasionally furthermore the setting of the foetus isn’t very correct in the mother’s tummy. Nevertheless, we’ve noticed that also babies blessed by caesarean may have got their Atlas out of location.

You can discover other surrounding factors simply like the incredible stress kids sometimes go through ( elizabeth. g. drops, knocks…) younger, when they shape out how to stroll or trip a bike. On later on, additional shock to the system can intensify the issue in situation of car crashes, work or sport injuries, bad sleeping circumstances, whiplash, etc…..

Are usually you a chiropractic specialist currently?

Zero, I’m not really a chiropractic specialist or a physician possibly and it is definitely not really my purpose to replace any of those roles. I am an alternative practitioner and do not adjust the Atlas, I only work on the soft tissues around it.

Is definitely this therapy safe and sound? What will the therapy involve?

The treatment is secure perfectly, there are usually no intense manipulations performed to the throat.

I make use of a device which massage therapy the tight muscles and soft tissues around the lower neck , where the Atlas is definitely captured. When the muscle groups are loose, the launched Atlas can slot machine into location by itself, I guide it simply.

How numerous sessions perform I require?

The Atlas is definitely realigned in one program only. However we provide a follow-up program ( free of charge of cost ) to assist the actual entire body to re-adjust.

What will the 2nd program involve?

I make use of a gadget known as “Scenar” which can be an organic healing gadget created by European researchers and utilized to keep their astronauts in peak bodily condition.

The Scenar catalyses the process to create regulatory peptides in big quantities, those peptides will in change crack the stability and rigidity of unfinished programs of diseases, helping the body develop, finalize, and eventually get rid of them from our cellular memory.

The Scenar aids the physical body through causing the healing procedure in broken cells

Will the Atlas keep in location?

For physiological and mechanised reasons, an adjusted Atlas cannot end up being dislocated once again! The Atlas (C1) and the Axis (C2) form a joint, and like any joint in your body they are made to fit. For illustration, under regular conditions, you gained’t dread your elbows or shoulders would dislocate, unless traumatised extremely, and a comparable thing pertains to the Atlas.

Furthermore, the processus styloideus are like 2 pins which contain the Atlas set up, and the weight of the top (between 9 and 17 pounds ) will naturally keep carefully the Atlas in its proper place.

How much does the treatment cost simply ?

The AtlasPROfilax® Therapy costs specifically the exact same cost worldwide, that can be the exact same as £160 around in the combined kingdom (£95 for kids under sixteen) and contains 2 periods, long lasting half an complete hour generally, 40 mins maximum.

Please, keep in mind that we don’t acknowledge debit or loan provider cards. Please be sure to be conscious that transaction ought to end up being ideally in money or cheque on the whole time of the first program. In exclusive circumstances, obligations or special discounts by instalment could end up being discussed.

May be the treatment painful?

The procedure isn’t painful normally, some patients think it will be very pleasant, some of them don’t find it comfortable, it all depends on how much tension will be held by the patient or his/her sensitivity.

For instance, it will be normally not painful for children as they seldom have buff contractions.
It is rarely unbearable.

Is usually this treatment for children?

The repositioning of the Atlas is usually an easy and safe process which generates lifelong advantages. Children can benefit from a treatment as a preventative measure especially, permitting them to mature healthily and develop with their fullest potential.

The treating children is usually favored because of both easy execution particularly, caused by the near-absence of physical contractions, and the higher convenience of adaptation to the positioning later on. The majority of the right time, we will care and attention for our quite own wellness only as soon as the discomfort and the problems already are usually at an incredibly advanced phase no more manageable ( just relieving signs and symptoms ). After decades of tries and complications to relieve them with enormous and extended use of pharmaceutical medications, the bodily body finds itself in that dangerous declare that it gets increasingly hard to recuperate, and the regeneration phase can be a lot more time and very much more difficult. It actually may occur that a particular person is certainly indeed sick and his/her entire body is therefore depleted that it cannot regenerate. Inside like a complete situation the modification is certainly useless.

For this good reason, the AtlasPROfilax® modification shall end up being observed as a preventive gauge and become examined and fixed in kids, if they perform not however show up as getting any troubles even.

The most youthful child I possess corrected has been 5 days old.

Will I obtain some therapeutic reactions?

As a complete effect of the modification , your entire body will experience a self-healing process . The healing duration is dependent on the physical constitution of each individual. Your body will regain its natural vital strength and you will feel its regeneration process accordingly.

Responses can emerge on the same day, weeks and even months after the treatment . Fatigue may occur as a complete consequence of carrying disease and injury in your body. Emotions such as for example sadness, major depression and negativity may surface area during this correct time time period to become capable to clean completely furthermore .

Medical problems of a actual physical or psychological nature, that possess not ended up cleared completely, can occur once again in a customized type to become healed within the regenerating and self-healing procedure eventually; For example, prolonged coughs, bronchitis, colds (a runny nose over a period is portion of the natural regenerating and clearing process ).

What sort of after-care must i seek?

It will be important to aid and treat your system, especially your neck as well as your back with massages. Regular relaxing baths, steamrooms and saunas are hugely beneficial on a regular basis furthermore . Other conventional remedies and contributory therapies are usually more efficient when the Atlas can be in its appropriate position also .

In specific cases not really only tolerance is needed but furthermore therapies and conventional remedies to assist relieve chronic discomfort and obstructions along the backbone, the cervical vertebrae and around the pelvis. Muscle mass memory can be deep seated. Tension can be held in your body, in the neck especially, back and the lumbar region of the spine for months pursuing the adjustment. Bad posture and accidents that have healed may become sensitive poorly. Because the nerve channels recover, sensitivity may be felt in one’s teeth, armpits, arms and shoulders.

Please contemplate and remember which you have been coping with a luxated atlas as your birth and turn out to be conscious your entire body will need your energetic assistance because of its therapy. An disease will not really emerge right away therefore the regeneration and self-healing procedure may furthermore take decades structured on the actual condition of one’s entire body.

Jointly with your Atlas in it’s described place your tissue and organs have got an apparent route to an tremendous method to get the universes crucial forces.

Give thanks to you for reading my AtlasPROfilax FAQ

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