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Facilitating Meditation

Facilitating Meditation

Meditation is usually a way of prayer proclaimed by silence, stillness and simplicity. It helps people of all ages, cultures and beliefs to awaken to a spiritual life, leading to inner peace.

Meditation is usually a common tradition found in all religions.

I facilitate organizations of people to meditate in a peaceful fashion. The size of time for yoga varies from group to group. We start meditating, focusing on our breath for a short time ( approximately 10 moments in the beginning ). We carry on the session through led yoga (either by me or CD ) for 15 moments and afterwards we share. The total time for the above is 2 hours.

The benefits of meditation are many. All levels of our being are allowed to come into balance, our mental, our physical, our emotional and our spiritual states.

Meditation assists the body to be in a balanced state. Through being in this state the body heals itself.

We meet once a week for this 2 hours for 6 weeks and we set an intention at the beginning of each session.

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