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Reflexology for Backpain

Reflexology for Backpain

Lower back pain is one of the major causes of work absenteeism, huge medical bills and disability in the world. It is estimated that lower back pain treatment and care costs a whooping £1.6 billion annually in the UK making it one of the most expensive conditions to treat in the country.

A significant portion of the population is affected by this condition at one point in their life with lifetime preference being estimated at around 60-80%. It is also estimated that about half of this cases (50%) become less severe after a period of 4 weeks or less. Some sufferers (about 15-20%) do however experience pain even after one year. Conventional remedies to this condition do not seem to be managing this problem effectively and more and more people are finding themselves searching for alternative treatments for the ailment. This forms of treatment include but are not limited to reflexology and chiropractic.

Reflexology is one of the more popular forms of alternative treatments for the condition and its popularity is ever increasing. It is an acupressure massage that uses manual techniques to stimulate ‘reflex zones’ on the hands, feet, face and ears for relief.

This technique is not new, it has been in existence for at least 5000 years in ancient cultures. It is based on the notion that our hands and feet are miniature reflections of our bodies. We can thus improve our health and overall well-being by stimulating specific ‘reflex zones’ situated in these body parts.

This method of treatment is not formally ‘recognised’ by modern medicine and the little knowledge and research on the subject has hindered the growth of this method of treatment and ‘mainstream’ acceptance.

This therapy does not claim to cure any ailments but instead works in conjunction with the human body to bring relief for this and other conditions.

The growth in popularity of reflexology as an alternative treatment for back pain can be attributed to its non invasive nature and the ability to relax the patient simultaneously. Relief varies from mild to acute with this therapy.

Relieving back pain is a frontier that reflexology has been able to conquer more successfully and this has seen a significant increase in research within this field of reflexology as compared to others. A small clinical study has been conducted in which a group of 40 patients with herniated disks underwent the reflexology therapy. After one week of treatment, a significant reduction in pain (an average of 0.75 on a scale of 4) was observed in more than half the test subjects (25 out of the 40 patients ).

Another pilot study was conducted in 2008 on 15 subjects suffering from lower back pain in which the patients were subjected to 40 minutes reflexology therapy per week for 6 weeks. The study indicated a reduction in pain for the subjects receiving the treatment as compared to those receiving placebo treatments.

So, do this studies prove that reflexology works? Well, to some extent they do. As is the case with other treatments,both medical and natural, different people will react differently to the treatment as we are all unique. It is therefore recommended that you give it a shot and see how it works out for you. The worst thing that could happen is that you leave the session feeling more relaxed than you came in.

Most people associate reflexology with the feet and are not aware that hand reflexology also has certain advantages. It can be used in situations whereby there isn’t enough time or space to work on the feet. You can also use hand reflexology to treat yourself publicly at any time you need relief. It is the perfect natural self-help therapy: both easy to learn and practice.

Most of the patients however prefer a blend of self-help hand techniques, self-help foot techniques and application of reflexology by a therapist or someone else. This mix and match approach has the ability to produce amazing results by relieving the pain and suffering endured by patients.

Whether you have already tried the conventional forms of back pain treatment with no success, or you have just started experiencing back pains, give reflexology a try. You never know, it just might work for you! Its a great alternative method to treat the ailment and unlike conventional medicine, this method of treatment has no side effects and is non invasive so you have nothing to loose for giving it a try.

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