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Reflexology for Neck Pain Relief

Reflexology for Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain, both recurring or chronic, is a common problem today. Reflexology offers quick and effective relief especially when this pain is caused by stress. For those unfamiliar with this technique, reflexology is a specialized type of massage that relieves pain and induces relaxation. It is based on the concept that areas and reflex points on the hands and feet correspond to specific parts of the body. Foot reflexology can be particularly useful for releasing tightness in the neck and relieves stress and tension.

Reflexology for Neck Pain Techniques

Reflexology is typically practiced on the feet but can also be used on the hands or ears. With this method, the thumb and fingers will slowly massage and apply localized pressure to reflex points on the hands and feet. The thumb walk is a common technique where the edge of the thumb is moved slowly over the relevant areas. At other times, a single finger is used to apply pressure on specific points on the hand. With these specialized techniques, neck pain is relieved and effective relaxation occurs.

Reflex Points for Neck Pain

Neck pain typically involves the cervical spine or the seven vertebrae that make up the neck. The most important points used in reflexology for this area are those associated with these vertebrae, the tops of the shoulders, and the solar plexus. The reflexology points on the feet that correspond to the neck are as follows:

  • Medial edge of the foot
  • Medial edge of the foot nearest the big toe
  • Lowest parts of the toes

Neck pain also corresponds to reflexology points on the hands including:

  • The two lower joints of each finger on the back of the hand
  • The inside of the thumb on the back of the hand
  • The areas between fingers on the back of the hand
  • The middle joints of the fingers and thumb on the palm side

Is Reflexology Safe?

Because this therapy is not invasive, it is considered to be safe generally. However, always be cautious during pregnancy. In some cases, people should discuss chronic disease or conditions with their reflexologist and determine if this therapy can be used safely. Reflexology should generally be avoided if you have recently undergone surgery, have wounds on the feet, or have an infectious disease.
Effectiveness of Reflexology
Most people find that reflexology is both effective and relaxing and relieves their neck pain. While the mechanism of action is not completely understood, it has been hypothesized that this therapy may work by stimulating nerve endings. However, studies have found that individuals with neck stiffness have a higher cure rate when treated through foot reflexology than other therapeutic methods.

Using Reflexology

The best way to experience neck pain relief is to find a professional reflexologist who will provide the greatest results for treatment. Many of these practitioners will also teach their clients how to practice techniques on their own to provide supportive treatments between each session. It is possible to provide effective self-care for minor cases of neck pain. Use these methods supported by a reflexologist to experience relief for painful neck areas.

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