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The Health Benefits of Reflexology for Pregnant Women and Their Babies

The Health Benefits of Reflexology for Pregnant Women and Their Babies

The human body may be complex, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most perfect machines ever created by nature. From the heart, toe to any other organ that appears to have no significant value in the body, the human anatomy is designed in such a way that all body parts are always in coordination with each other.

Because of that, different body parts can actually be manipulated to heal internal body organs without necessarily operating the patient. A classic example of this is the use of natural, non-invasive healing art on specific pressure points on the hands and feet to balance out different body parts. This natural art is commonly referred to as REFLEXOLOGY.

Generally, this practise aims at two things that are very crucial to your overall wellbeing:

  • alleviation of tension
  • promotion of relaxation

And when all the two benefits are put together, what we get is exactly what expectant women need during their pregnancies.

How does reflexology benefit a pregnant woman?

First and foremost, the feedback collected by the Association of Reflexology from its members clearly indicated that over 50 percent of patients that seek reflexology for fertility issues generally conceive 6 months or so after the treatment. And while that is still one of the many advantages of reflexology, the treatment actually doesn’t resolve fertility issues in isolation. It instead helps to improve the overall health and wellbeing of the underlying patient.

That goes without mentioning how the treatment helps to balance body hormones, including cortisol, which in actuality is the hormone behind increased stress levels. If at all possible, it may be better if both you and the father-to-be actually received the treatment, since the two of you are in one way or another involved with the overall development of the baby.

Needless to say, a number of case studies have clearly indicated that women who frequently go for reflexology sessions actually enjoy beautiful births, since their babies tend to be more settled after experiencing the health benefits of reflexology, too. In highlights, their babies’ breastfeed better besides being totally healthy at the time of birth. Also, for women that have delivered through caesarean section, the treatment may help them to recover even more quickly.

Is reflexology helpful to pregnant women during their first trimester?

Pregnant women need reflexology at all phases of their pregnancy. First, there’s the two for one treatment, where the growing baby can actually be felt and examined through the mother’s feet. But since many women are usually paranoid about miscarriages during the first trimester of their pregnancy, they may easily be convinced that the treatment somehow contributed to miscarriage in case it happens.

To clear such doubts, many practitioners prefer starting the treatment with expecting women whose pregnancies have already been established. But if you happen to find a well-experienced reflexologist or one who specializes in maternity reflexology, you can always talk to them if you find it necessary to have the treatment at this time.

However, once the first three months elapse, you can confidently enjoy lifting your–perhaps swollen–feet up for wonderful session of relaxation.

Can reflexologists see a growing baby through the feet?

Well, to say the least, a well-experienced reflexologist should be able to feel the baby just by touching your feet. First, he (or she) can see the baby as a pint-sized tadpole, and then she can help you observe the growing bulge at the inner-side of your feet—just above the heels. This alone shows that the feet actually reflect everything going on inside your body. In fact, it’ll be too hard for you to dispute this simple principle once the ninth month pregnancy-mark begins to show.

In a nutshell, let’s just say that reflexology ensures that your body is in the best-possible -state to put up with labour.

Is reflexology useful during post-natal?

Continued reflexology after birth speeds up the recovery period, which is actually more important in giving new mums the much-needed time to cool off.

Does reflexology benefit new born babies?

Of course, yes… But babies, unlike adults, usually have shorter sessions. That’s to say they only need a few movements, which can also be combined with simple rhymes to keep them interested. Alternatively, you can still do it using your free hand while feeding the baby. That way, you’ll be calming down all the gastric problems that somehow relate with feeding. More importantly, remember to press on the solar points, as this helps to calm hiccups. For calming a crying baby, try stroking the baby’s foot gently until he or she cools down.


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