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Reflexology is certainly all about developing stability in the actual body. As a reflexologist I believe that different areas on the feet and hands correspond to certain parts of the body and by massaging them in a certain way stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to heal itself. For 3, 000 decades the Chinese language practitioners have got utilized reflexology to rebalance the Qi (the daily life drive flowing through power stations ) to deal with an amount of disorders /conditions. It all can function alongside typical medication to market recovery and enhance energy and health.

The advantages: Reflexology can coax the entire body to recover itself. It can improve a slow circulation, bad digestion of food, irritable colon syndrome, respiratory system complications, asthma, headaches, bladder complications, menopausal signs and symptoms, period discomfort and even more.

Being able to totally unwind for an hour during the treatment offers a really positive mental impact.

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