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What is AtlasPROfilax?

What is AtlasPROfilax?

What we will refer to as the atlas is also called the first cervical vertebra and it is essential for a properly aligned and balanced body. As the Atlas is at the top of the spine, if it is even slightly misaligned then the whole backbone and body will follow. Even the smallest change from the correct placement can cause a cascade of different problems. I have had people return after a treatment to tell me that seemingly unrelated issues have disappeared. But first of all the issues that we know can be directly affected include.


  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neck Pain including Limited Rotation
  • General Back Pain
  • Pinched Nerves
  • Lumbago
  • Chronic Tension in Muscles
  • Poor Posture
  • Whiplash
  • Herniated Disk


All of these problems have knock on effects that effect the quality of life as you may know but we will only look at the primary effects here.


The Atlas is one of several critical parts of the body. It cradles the skull and through it flows all the blood headed for the brain. This opening also funnels all the nerves from the spinal cord.


As we you can see in the diagram below our bodies posture is  a fine balance and when one part is misaligned all the other parts of the body must change position to compensate. This deviation of the natural form creates a variety of problems over time which can include things like a herniated disk, lumbago or pinched nerves to name but a few.


The first part of the Atlasprofilax treatment is an assessment by a qualified Atlasprofilax specialist. In which the patient’s posture , range of movement and balance is looked at. Then the specialist will apply the neuromuscular release technique to correctly align the Atlas. This will cause immediate results but you should remember that it can also leave people a little light headed. When you go for your appointment have some drive you. After the neuromuscular release technique, the same range of tests are administered to see the effectiveness. A further consultation after a couple of months is recommended to test the patient again. There is no added fee for this consultation as the Atlasprofilax is a one time procedure, this follow up consultation is to gauge the patient’s responsiveness to the treatment.


When the Atlas is correctly aligned, there is improved blood circulation throughout the body and the whole body begins to function better. As I mentioned previously, many patients do feel quite lightheaded. You will also feel an immediate change to your range of movement and you will also feel the release of muscular tension.


It should be noted that this procedure should only be carried out by someone who has had the relevant training you can quickly check this on the Atlasprofilax website.


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